Siberian goose

Down of the highest quality

Bel-Pol is the largest exporter of white Siberian goose down.
The raw materials are certified and processed according to international quality standards.
Starting from poultry cultivation to export. We process feathers and down in our own production workshops equipped with machinery from Germany and China.
100% production control
The company meets international standards RDS, GRS, and is also the founder of the “Siberian Down” Association.
International standards of quality
Geese are grown in our own network of farms. Thus we control the bird keeping according to the RDS standard.
Controlled geese breeding
The bird is free-range on farms under our control. Such conditions make it possible to grow a bird with high quality feather.
Free-range bird
Siberia has ideal natural conditions for poultry farming (short but warm summers and harsh winters). This is why the fluff of geese grown in Siberia has a higher FP coefficient.
Ideal natural conditions

Types of down

We guarantee excellent quality of down of any kind thanks to many years of experience, modern equipment, high-quality raw materials, international certification standards and a strict control system. Our down is exported to many countries of the world. We do our best to justify the trust of our consumers.
Gray duck down 80%
feather 20%
Gray goose down 85%
feather 15%
White duck down 80%
feather 20%
White goose down 90%
feather 10%

About us

Bel-Pol is the largest supplier of white Siberian goose down
Our company has been operating for more than 20 years on the down market and exports down to more than 10 countries.
The company's activities are regulated in the RDS system. This is a complete quality control at all stages: from raising geese to exporting the product.
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Stable stock of raw materials
Including the USA, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.
Export to more than 10 countries
Since the company was founded in 2001, we have perfected the down production technology.
More than 20 years of work experience


Down processing in Bel-Pol is a combination of modern and time-tested technologies. We produce raw materials that are safe for use. The down is completely hypoallergenic, because it is washed with water from artesian wells and dried at a temperature of 120 °.
We maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of products thanks to a well-established and improved production scheme for years, high-tech equipment from Germany and China (19 down sorting machines, 3 washing lines).
You get a 100% high-quality product with high elasticity and heat-saving properties.
The quality and characteristics of down are assessed by various laboratories testing samples of down production. Among such tests there are microbiological, isotopic (for determination of geographical origin of the down) tests, tests on impurities and the elasticity index Fill Power determination.
We carry out a full cycle of processing of raw materials. The final stage is down quality control. The determinant criteria are indicators of elasticity, transparency, percentage of components.
Down processing
We check the veterinary documentation of raw materials, disinfect vehicles, conduct laboratory analysis to make sure that the raw materials meet high quality standards.
Raw materials control

Down quality and certification

Bel-Pol has its own buying network in Siberia. We are 100% responsible for the quality of our products. The quality of down is regulated by international quality certificates (RDS, GPS). Each stage of down production, starting with poultry farming, is accompanied by mandatory quality control. Bel-Pol produces down of the highest quality!
Global Recycled Standard
Responsible Down Standard
Association “Siberian Down”
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